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J.O.S.H.U.A. is a mission organization which stands for Journeys of Service Helping Upper Appalachia.
 Some 60+ students and adults travel to Steubenville, Ohio for a mission experience in early June. The dates for 2016 is June 5-10th
 JOSHUA is part of Urban Mission Ministries, INC. Urban Missions is anecumenical Christian social service agency founded by the United Methodist Church.  

JOSHUA began in 1990. Seven years later, the Catholic Diocese of Steubenville and St. Anthony’s Parish donated their convent to JOSHUA.  Since then the parish has closed and in 2015, Urban Mission purchased the JOSHUA house. All of us live under this one roof for the week! 
The week is spent in serving those in need in Stuebenville. Our SHG students generally work on house painting and porch repair projects throughout the week.

In 2015, SHG students painted four homes, built two wheelchair ramps, a deck, ripped off and repaired siding, built a fence with gate, did some serious yard-work, served in the unity kitchen, and help distribute food from their warehouse pantry. On the home front, two of the moms prepared scrumptious meals for the returning tired, dirty or paint-covered crew.
Evenings are spent chilling out with 
each other and making new friends. Each day ends in prayer as we discuss how Jesus was present in our lives, in our ministry, and with each other. 

Students raise the $400 per person during throughout the spring through the M&M for money and missions fundraiser. Local parishes hear the past year’s stories and contribute. Any financial help toward this coming JOSHUA trip is welcome! Students will see more information and applications during this coming February Catholic School’s week. It fills within the week! Parents, this is a powerful experience for yourself. Think about serving next year as a chaperone!  Click Here for More JOSHUA Information!