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The Writing Center


Not just for students in English classes, The Writing Center helps with writing assignments or projects in any subject area.  From brain storming topics to formatting the final paper or project, The Writing Center instructor guides students through every part of the writing process.

The Writing Center is located in the Library, and students attend during their study hall time. Sign-up times are posted weekly online. Though walk-ins may sometimes be accommodated, students are encouraged to sign-up since assistance is limited to five students per hour. Students without a study hall may schedule an appointment before or after school. 

Linda Smith - Writing Center Coordinator -


Helpful Links

MLA Citations

The Elements of an Excellent Essay

The Kerrigan Method

Outline Map Think before your write! The time you spend planning the essay saves valuable writing time. Use the form to plan your thesis,topic sentences, and support. Write the topic and break it down to three subtopics. Write a topic sentence for each subtopic and bullet point support for the topic. If you can fill out the form, you have an essay. Come to the Writing Center for help and advice.