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Meet our Students of the Month

December 2017

Hello, my name is Max Heinzel and I am a senior at Sacred Heart-Griffin.  At SHG, I am involved in Brave Club and Freshman Focus. I really enjoy watching and playing sports in my free time. I play tennis and serve as a captain on the basketball team at SHG.  Every day at school I look forward to serving as an office runner and my Psychology class with Mrs. Schafts. I really enjoy learning about how Psychology is incorporated into everyday life. Throughout my time at SHG, my favorite part has been how much school spirit we have and the importance of it. I really enjoy that aspect of SHG and my time spent here.

Hi, my name is Matt Brenneisen and I am a Junior. I am a member of the football team, baseball team, CAC (Catholic Athletes for Christ), and Freshmen focus. The four groups that I am apart of have made my time so far at SHG one to remember for the rest of my life. The amount of new friends I have made and teachers I have met have taught me so many new thing and memories that will last a life time. My favorite thing about SHG is how close everyone is. I walk by each day in the halls and there is not a face I don't know. That makes it special. I have grown up dreaming about being a part of SHG and now that I am I do not ever want it to end.

Hello, my name is Ruthie Kinion and I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart Griffin. I am a member of the Golden Angel Poms squad, on the Sophomore Class Council, a Student Ambassador, and I participate in the SHG German Club, and the Our Lady of Nazareth Club as well. There are many service and extracurricular opportunities for students here at SHG. By being  involved in the SHG community, I have made friendships and grown as a student. My favorite part about SHG is that I am learning in a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment, and I am very blessed to receive an education here. There is room for everyone’s individuality at Sacred Heart Griffin, where it has the opportunity to grow. I think SHG is a great community filled with wonderful people, and where there is a place for everyone.

Hi, my name is John Schmidt and I am a freshman here at SHG. I have had such a great time here at SHG. I am a member of Student Ambassadors, German Club, Key Club, and Christmas Club. I have made so many new friends through these clubs. Recently, I decorated the school for Christmas as a part of Christmas Club, which was very fun and interesting. I am also on the junior varsity Scholastic Bowl team. We had such a great season this year and I cannot wait for next year. I am a percussionist in the school band and had a great time playing all the varsity football games this season. I perform a lot of service in my community, and especially now, that I am in Key Club, which is a service club. My favorite classes this year so far have been German and Intro to Physics and Chemistry. I love SHG because of how willing everyone from students to teachers is willing to help me out. I feel so blessed and thankful that I can call myself a Cyclone!


November 2017

Hello, my name is Hannah Van Houten, and I am a senior at Sacred-Heart Griffin. Being able to participate in the athletics and clubs provided at SHG has allowed me to grow as a person. I was involved in cross country for three years and had the opportunity to be a captain for two of those seasons. I also played high school soccer for two years. Furthermore, I have been a member of OLN Club and Spanish Club, as well as National Honors Society. What I love about SHG is being able to learn in a safe environment. The teachers allow us to share our opinions without judgement, and I am very thankful for those opportunities. The memories I have made at SHG will last a lifetime.

Hi, my name is Anthony Palazzolo, and I am a junior here at SHG. I am a member of the chess club, Key Club, and OP Teen. I have been a member of both chess and Key Club, and they have been awesome experiences because they have helped me grow in critical thinking and leadership skills. My favorite class so far this year has been Broadcasting, because I enjoy editing and filming the different programs that SHG Broadcasting does. Now, I really wish I would have started Broadcasting my freshman year. I am also very active in service outside of school. This can range from helping at mass by being a lector or altar server, or helping the people of Springfield through various service projects. My favorite part of SHG is how there is a club or activity for everyone, no matter what someone likes to do outside of school. That inclusiveness really is amazing, and it’s why I enjoy being a Cyclone.

Hello!  My name is Joe Antonacci and I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart-Griffin.  I like to perform service for our community and help others whenever I can.  I love to play baseball in my free time.  I was on the team here last spring, and I also play competitively in the summer. I enjoy working out and practicing to prepare for the baseball season.  I love to go to school and I love to learn.  My favorite part about SHG is all the friends I have made so far!  The people here are so compassionate and caring of everyone.  I am so happy to be able to come to school everyday and enjoy it!  I am blessed to receive a great education at SHG.

Hi, my name is Nolan Healey and I am a freshman here at SHG. I am a student ambassador and a member of the recycling club. I played football this fall and I am playing baseball this spring. My favorite classes are physics and broadcasting. I love SHG because while watching my sister and two brothers begin their journey here, I couldn’t wait until it was my turn. Now that I am here, I realized that they weren’t lying when they talked about how much fun it was and how much everybody is willing to help you. I have already had so much fun here and I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to experience the rest of my journey through SHG.



October 2017

Hi, my name is Anna Lucas and I am a senior at SHG. Being involved in our school community is very important to me. At SHG I played basketball for three years of high school. I played softball for one year of high school. I am also in the Brave Club, SEA, and German Club. I also had the opportunity of going on JOSHUA. What I love most about SHG is our atmosphere and the people. Something at SHG we strive for is giving back and helping others. At SHG I have met some amazing people that I get to call friends. The friendships I have made at SHG are the ones I will never forget. SHG has helped me become a better person and friend to all. I am so blessed to have received the opportunity to attend SHG.

Hi! My name is Logan Evans, and I am a junior at Sacred Heart-Griffin. I am a member of Spanish Club, and I have played soccer and tennis at SHG since I was a freshman. Both teams are nice to be around because they encourage and support me. In the little free time I have, I like to wakeboard and play ping pong. I normally go out every weekend in the summer to wakeboard. I have also had a ping pong table at my house ever since I was little. My favorite part about SHG is the sense of community because everyone seems to get along and help each other out. The environment at SHG is also exceptional because the teachers are very kind and approachable. Remember, every day is a great day to be a cyclone!

Hello, my name is Molly Casper and I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart Griffin. At SHG I participate in OP Teen, Student Ambassadors, Our Lady of Nazareth, Key Club, and Book Club. Outside of SHG I like to bake, read and serve in the community. Some of the ways I serve in the community include serving at mass, doing mission trips with my youth group, and volunteering at my childhood daycare. I love volunteering at the daycare and it is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I really love taking care of the kids. What I like most about SHG is the great teachers and staff and the great family environment at SHG. Everyone at SHG is nice and friendly and would do anything for you. The atmosphere is so welcoming and this is what made my freshman year great. Attending SHG makes me appreciate the work of everyone who makes the school run like it does. I am so happy to continue my Catholic education at SHG.

Hi! My name is Dominic Golitko, and I am a freshman here at SHG.  My favorite class so far this year is Theology. I have fun every day learning about our awesome faith with a great teacher teaching it. I love to play baseball whenever I can. Right now, I am doing conditioning to make myself ready for baseball tryouts. During the summer, I play baseball on a travel team with my friends. I have made a lot of new friends so far this year, and I am looking forward to making more.