Learning Lab

Students may use the Learning Lab during their regularly-scheduled study hall. Students receive help with study skills and content area concepts. With prior approval, students may also use this area for private testing situations.

The Learning Lab will facilitate academic achievement in students with diverse learning needs by:

  • Evaluation of individual students’ learning and study skills’ needs
  • Development of an individualized student learning plan with specific goals and objectives
  • Coordination of academic assistance in content areas
  • Providing assistance in the Learning Lab as needed
  • The Learning Lab assists teachers by:
  • Regular collaboration with each of the student’s teachers in regards to the student’s needs/learning plan
  • Assisting in the development of instructional strategies to be used in the classroom.

The Learning Lab collaborates with parents through:

  • Parent support/informational meetings
  • Contacts with parents to update them on student progress

Jennifer Gronewold - Learning Lab Coordinator - gronewold@shg.org

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