Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Sacred Heart-Griffin (SHG) believes that the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education lies with the parents. We are committed to balancing responsible stewardship of our financial resources while attempting to meet the needs of families seeking financial assistance. Through distribution of financial aid, we want to facilitate our mission of welcoming a diverse population and enable families who are committed to Catholic education and unable to afford the total cost of SHG tuition to be able to provide a Catholic, Dominican secondary education to their student(s).

Financial Aid Award Guidelines

Knowing that the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education lies with the parents and that tuition payments are an investment in their child’s education and faith formation, the following Financial Aid guidelines have been established.

  • Strict deadline for Financial Aid application. Parents may apply after deadline and those who qualify will not receive financial aid unless and/or until additional funds become available.
  • Current federal and current W-2s are required for financial aid application to be processed and verified. Only verified applications will be considered for financial awards.
  • Financial aid will be awarded for tuition only not fees, club dues, etc.
  • A double parent family where one parent stays at home and is not an active caregiver for non-school aged children or an elderly parent during the day, will have a set amount imputed for income.</
  • Income will be estimated via formula when mortgage or expenses exceed income as stated by applicant on financial aid application. Financial aid application will be flagged and parent will be called in to explain discrepancy.
  • A percentage of total financial aid funds will be set aside for families facing crisis, families moving into area, or student(s) transferring from another school.
  • Medical, elementary school education, high school education, and unemployment will be considered “allowable expenses” and considered for financial aid awards.
  • Financial aid awarded will be no more than half of the current school year tuition.
  • Financial aid award amounts are for current year only and should not be automatically expected for future years.
  • Families with no financial need as indicated by the financial aid application and no extenuating circumstances will not receive financial assistance.
  • Families in crisis should notify school immediately and may receive financial aid for a specified period of time. A plan with parents for paying tuition will be developed. This plan will indicate assistance is for crisis period only and financial aid application will be required for subsequent years.
  • Students receiving failing grades, students with multiple behavioral issues ( on contract with Dean of Students, suspended, etc.), parents with tuition balances, or parents not paying tuition during current school year, will not be considered registered or receive financial assistance for following year and/or may have current financial aid revoked until all tuition paid. Failure to pay or to communicate payment plan and adhere to plan may result in student being withdrawn and family referred to collection agency.
  • Divorced parents splitting the cost of tuition may separately request financial assistance. If one parent has financial responsibility and the other parent is not involved in the student’s life in any way, the responsible parent has the sole responsibility for tuition payments and only that parent may request financial aid.
  • If a family disagrees with the financial aid granted, the family may appeal in writing. Documentation as to why additional funds requested will be required as well as a meeting with members of the awards committee will be scheduled prior to any additional funds being granted.

Families must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid online application,, by March 15, 2019 deadline in order to be considered for financial assistance. Close to 90% of SHG students who applied for aid received some form of financial assistance for the 2018-2019 school year.


The following SHG scholarships have an additional application:

SHG Alumni Scholarship  Open to incoming Freshman; requires the completion of the FACTS Grant and Aid application.

Fr. Pisors Scholarship Open to current SHG Juniors; does not require the completion of the FACTS Grant and Aid application.

Sr. Mary Paul & Fr. Erickson Scholarship  Open to current SHG Juniors; does not require the completion of the FACTS Grant and Aid application.

Also available to help reduce tuition costs is the SCRIP program.

Sr. M. Dominica Brennan Board Scholarship Application Open to current SHG Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors. Does not require the completion of the FACTS Grant & Aid applications.