SHG International Student Host Family Life

  • Mr. Carlson and Mrs. McElfresh match each SHG international student with a local Springfield host family.
  • It is important that the personalities and needs of each SHG international student are accommodated by the host family.
  • Mr. Carlson and Mrs. McElfresh ensure that the host family experience is a mutual exchange between the student and the host family: the student shares their culture with the host family, and the host family shares their culture with the student. Every student has their own bedroom, access to laundry facilities, and is provided with family meals and groceries.
  • Each host family and student relationship is unique and Mr. Carlson and Mrs. McElfresh work with everyone involved to make clear the expectations of the family and the student. For host families and students, the experience creates a special lasting bond.
  • Mr. Carlson facilitates orientation for every host family and student on inter-cultural exchange and with Mrs. McElfresh works throughout the student’s stay to make the host family experience a fulfilling one.