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Faith & Service

Understanding our Baptismal call to Social Justice, service at Sacred Heart-Griffin is understood as faith in action (James 2: 14-17). The Christian Service Program is designed for 20 hours per year, for a total of 80 hours for the four years. As a graduation requirement, students become aware of the importance of Christian Service as an integral part of our lived faith. Students are encouraged to look for Jesus in all those who may need help (Mt. 25: 31-46), by working at non- profit agencies, school functions, and within their own neighborhoods and families.

As a community of faith striving for excellence, Sacred Heart-Griffin recognizes the need to foster an understanding of how all persons are called to share their gifts and talents for the common good.

The Christian Service Program is one way in which this goal can be met!

Campus Ministers

Ms. Courtney Adams

Mr. Phil Seck

Year Round Service Opportunities