Anh N.

Hi, my name is Anh Nguyen and I am a senior here at SHG! I am part of the International Student Organization. I also
participate in Debate Club, Art Club, Math team, Science Olympiad team, and Spectrum. Adapting to a different culture than my own has taught me so many new things, and I am grateful for every minute I have spent here at SHG. I love how diverse our community is as we are always welcoming to help other people and having many fun activities to be involved in.

Gianna B.

Hello, my name is Gianna Barker! At SHG I'm involved in track, the musical, debate club, art club, gaming club, social justice club, key club, ambassadors, and reading club. It's a lot of extracurricular activities, I know! Thankfully the people at SHG are very understanding of conflicting extracurricular activities, and have worked with me to sort out a schedule! Speaking of the staff, I love SHG mainly for its people. I cannot stress enough how welcoming and caring the staff here are, even the students are extremely kind! Everyone here at SHG has made me enjoy high school more!

Gracie R.

Hello, my name is Gracie R. I am a sophomore here at SHG. I really enjoy all of my classes here at SHG, but I think that my favorite topics/subjects are my history classes, biology, and German. As far as extracurriculars go, my favorite is Scholastic Bowl. I have also been involved in some way with Christmas Club, Prolife Club, Debate Club, and German Club. I really enjoy how many club opportunities there are at SHG, as well as how many class choices. However, my favorite thing is how nice and helpful the teachers are in all of my classes. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, sleeping, and traveling.

Connor B.

Hi, my name is Connor Boesdorfer and I am a freshman here at SHG.I attended Blessed Sacrament school, have two dogs, and two younger brothers. This fall I played soccer for SHG and I am on the track team for this spring. My favorite activities outside of school ar ehanging out with friends, golf, and traveling. One of my favorite things about SHG is the teachers. They have all been a great help tome and I can tell that they truly care about my education and development. So far my experience at SHG has been great and I am looking forward to my next three years!